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LoveNess | Perfect Forms 500pcs 1+1 FREE!

LoveNess | Perfect Forms 500pcs 1+1 FREE!
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If you thought you al ready found the right forms you didn't try these!

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It has been a one year process but we can PROUDLY announce that #LoveNess Perfect Forms FINALLY is a FACT!!
And how!!!
The forms will perfectly fit and has got the most ideal lines for every shape of nail.
We also know for sure that this high quality paper with an aluminium layer will BLOW YOU AWAY!
Even with moister hands, hot or cold, the forms will stay perfectly in place due the high quality adhesive.

What is unique about LoveNess Perfect Forms?

The forms has been tested for a year by profs for profs and the starter who didn’t dare to use forms.
They are perfectly fitting with perfect guidelines on the form to create any shape.

Because of the black printed paper you will see everything you apply on top of the form.
The forms has an aluminium layer in between which helps the form to stay well in place.

Because of the high quality adhesive the forms will alwas stay in place.
Even with cold, hot or moisty hands!

Because of the cut – out shape, you won’t even have to pinch the nail to create that elegant nail.


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